Pictures of my girlfriend and paddling buddy Klara.

Some pictures of my lovely little Czech girlfriend Klara... I'm in love with her, and become so more every passing moment, what more can I say? :-)

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Standing on our hotel's balcony in Catania, Sicily.
Klara relaxed in kayak.
Klara paddling in Germany.
Klara cata-rafting the Upper Gauley with expert catarafter Cahill Converse.
Klara and Cahill rescueing someone's kayak.
Action shot of Klara paddling the Vltava river in Southern Bohemia.
Beautiful girl in front of beautiful sunset, Czech Republic.
Klara paddling the Kamenice river in the Northern Czech mountains.
Klara throwing ends while handpaddling on the German Erft river.
Klara just after she tried to kiss her paddle in the middle of a rapid on the Lipno section of the Vltava, CZ. She bashed her teeth through her lower lip with that move, running a class V rapid bleeding badly, but staying upright... :-( Luckily this incident convinced her to add a faceguard to her helmet as well.
Klara looking at the world from high up in the sky, flying above the northern Czech Republic.
Klara running the Vltava river near Lipno (Czech Republic), with more than the usual amount of water.
Klara on another rapid on the Kamenice.
Klara on the same rapid on the Kamenice.
May 2004, Klara and me on the Soca, Slovenia.
The Mae gorge, Italy. Klara crossing the hangbridge.
Klara coming down a rapid on the Soca river, Slovenia.

May 2004. Klara on the upper Soca.
April 2004. Klara on the Soca at flood stage.

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