Paddling in Austria and Slovenia

Some pictures of our week of paddling in Austria and Slovenia in May 2003.


Slovenia, the Soca. The clear azure blue water, the white rocks, the magnificent mountains and fun white water, what more can you wish for?
Cornelis in the Soca under the bridge near Kobarid. His first handrolling attempt failed miserably. He redeemed himself shortly afterwards, rolling up almost effortlessly.
Autumn 2002, Soca river, Slovenia. Cornelis tried to follow Steven and me through this gap. The strange currents in the gap require you to keep your boat edged up correctly. Cornelis shows how not to edge up.
Austria. Camping in Graz, following the rodeo worldchampionships during the day, at night we paddled in the pool on the camping.
Me in an eddy on the Koritnica, Slovenia.
Playing around on an eddyline on the Soca.
Thanks to Koen and Mayke and their fully laden roofrack, we managed to get all these boats to the Salza river in Austria.
Sheila (Yakmom) and me surfing on the Salza in my TopoDuo.
Carrying a TopoDuo up the hill is not something you do for fun.
May 2003, Soca. I'm towing a Canadian padller's boat back to her side of the river.
Me standing in the Koritnica, May 2003. Not everything is what it seems, though. I'm about to retrieve an old German's camera tripod (his leg can just be seen in the top left corner). He had dropped it in the creek, and couldn't reach it any more.


Copyright 2003 by Wilko van den Bergh

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