Gallery 20: All kinds of other paddling related pictures.

Just about anything that I shot a picture of that is remotely related to paddling as well as paddling related pictures that I didn't think would fit in any of the other galleries.


July 2000, Upper Yough, U.S.A.. My first sighting of Jeff Snyder, "striding".
Winter 2000. My Opel Astra loaded with boats near Liege, Belgium.
December 2002. My Ford Focus near the German-Czech border, on our way to go paddling in the Czech Republic.
January 2003. My Skoda Octavia loaded with boats, ready to go paddle the next morning.
Winter 2000. Niels and I on our way to a restaurant after a day of paddling.
Spring 1999, near our swimming pool in Eindhoven. This was my home built bike trailer, now being used by my paddling buddy Niels.
Spring 2002, Czech paddlers never cease to amaze me. The amount of boats they load on top of roofracks or on tiny trailers is truly astonishing. This trailer which brought our boats to the put in of the Kamenice creek in the Czech Republic was especially interesting. Besides all the boaters who were to paddle these boats, there were the driver and his girlfriend in the (oficially nine seat) Ford Transit van. We were literally sitting on each other's laps. It was a great paddling trip though!
Summer 2002, Czech paddling bus. We keep running into this bus as we paddle all over the Czech Republic. It usually carries about fifty paddlers, with their boats and rafts on the roofrack and on the big trailer that is usually carried behind the bus. I think that they all belong to one club.
January 2003. A scouting trip through the beautiful Vingar Gorge in Slovenia.
January 2003. Another picture of the Vingar Gorge.
The roofrack on my Skoda Octavia, showing the paddle holders.
The paddle holders in detail.
Showing the stackers and the attachment to the roof rails.
Carrying two boats.
The fully loaded roofrack on my Skoda Octavia can carry at least 5 boats and paddles.
The Octavia roofrack can hold five playboats, with room to spare (handy for the paddles or a sixt playboat).
The path in this gorge in the national park "Slovakian Paradise" goes up waterfalls, winding its way over little wooden bridges, ladders and other contraptions. The local boaters must have a big task removing all of this debris each spring in order to paddle it... ;-)
I wonder what this waterfall looks like with more water...
Definately too many strainers in here...
A strange phenomena that we noticed on the Vltava river in the Czech Republic. Everywhere there were little Cairns (stone men) buils in the shallows of the river.
They had not only used rocks, but we noticed a few road signs, some pieces of plastic, children's toys, everything!


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